Discover amazing photography with new web bot

archThis dynamic bot is so effective at curating popular images it regularly receives job offers.

Archillect is the creation of Murat Pak, who describes ‘her’ as ‘a living inspiration archive’. She ‘converts unhappy human beings into inspired artists’, so he says.

The algorithm behind Archillect works by combing the web for images and selecting ones according to their history on social media. It seeks to maximise the exposure of its own posts, and adjusts its selections based on the amount of attention each post receives.

ell us about your day job.

I am a director/designer/developer hybrid.

Where did the idea for Archillect come from?

My initial idea was to make an open contribution platform for everyone to put their inspirational images on the same metaspace. However, I realised this would require additional time to manage the whole system. The idea of Archillect (‘archive’ and ‘intellect’) as a self-curating visual inspiration library occurred to me as the next step.

Have you been surprised by its success?

As Archillect is based on human interaction and relies on feedback through social media to curate content, it was hard

Top 6 frustrations developers have with designers

4-testAvoid the contents of this list, and designers and developers will get on just fine.

Unless you are designing just for the joy of it – or you are one of the fabled ‘unicorns’ who can do EVERYTHING – at some point you will encounter (and probably lock horns with) someone tasked with taking your pretty little pictures and turning them into a real world product. Like cats and dogs, these relationships are historically known for being… strained.

Of course not all designer/developer relationships are contentious or based on mutual distrust. In fact, increasingly designers and developers are working closer together in agile environments, where the walls have to come down out of necessity.

Still, some of the ill will persists. In order to help alleviate that stress, I’m presenting the most common frustrations I find that developers have with designers and how you can work to avoid them.

01. Yes, let me spend the next 5 hours figuring out what color that button is

The Problem: The deliverable is Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketch file with 53,002 layers that the developer has to wade through to find what

How to choose the right fonts for small screens

type1You need to ensure your typography choices meet the needs of your mobile audience, says Webydo’s Nurit Bahat.

Attractive and effective typography is a key component in a successful website design. This is especially true in the context of mobile, where the margin for error is as small as the screens being used to view those websites.

If your font choices work well for desktop, is it safe to assume that they will be fine for mobile? Many typographic styles and practices that are perfectly acceptable for larger screens break down and cause problems on smaller, mobile screens.

This means that to deliver the best possible experience to mobile visitors, we must consider a website’s mobile typography and ensure that no matter which kind of device people use to visit our site, they are presented with an attractive design that is easy to use and enjoyable to read.

Why You Should Avoid Flash on Your Site?


When I began designing websites in the late nineties, Flash was a big deal. I used it to animate text, create website intro pages and even menus.

After a few years, word got out that search engines were king, and that meant Flash wasn’t as great as we first thought. There are many reasons why Flash is no longer desired by those who need a website, and we’ll explain to you why below.

The first reason is that learning Flash takes time. That means you will need to hire someone to create gorgeous Flash animations for you. That isn’t cheap. You are paying for their vast knowledge, and they will be creating a complicated Flash file for you, which takes time.

Consider the return on investment when you think about using Flash. If you plan to create a website which absolutely requires Flash, you can go ahead with it. If you just want Flash to create something pretty on your site, it likely isn’t worth the cost.

If you have Flash on your website, it will have to be downloaded. Not only

How to buy a new car with the best pay day loans

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What Can You Do with a Degree in Web Development?

Everyone knows that there are plenty of lucrative jobs in the web and tech industries, but do you know exactly what those different jobs entail? If you don’t, then you should definitely look into the different job options that might be available to you if you decide to earn your degree in web development. Depending on your interests and your skill set, there are a lot of different career paths that you could take, and if you are committed to your work, you could definitely make a decent living. Here is what you can do with a degree in web development.

Become a Web Designer

The work of a web designer is one of the most exciting jobs in the web development field because it requires the most amount of creativity and artistic talent. If you earn your web design degree specifically, then you will be able to either work for yourself, or you could apply for jobs with various different web design or development firms. In either case, businesses will come to you to design their websites in such a way that complements the branding that they have already developed.

Develop New Website Platforms

If you earn your web development degree from

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a School for Web Design

Choosing a Web design school is much like choosing any other college. What makes Ithaca College better than Marylhurst online, and vice versa? There are many different factors you want to look into when you’re looking for a school. If you’re interested in pursuing Web design jobs, then you’re going to need to find a college that offers excellent Web design courses. You’ll find a plethora of institutions that offer these courses, so it all comes down to which of them you think is the best. The following factors can be used to help you make your final decision.

  1. What are the Admissions Criteria?

The first thing you need to find out about any given Web design school is what their criteria are for applicants. Some will require you to submit your SAT and ACT scores, while others are looking for spectacular student portfolios. Some will even overlook your test scores if your portfolio is impressive enough. It’s a good idea to start gathering this information before you graduate from high school, so you can focus your efforts in the right areas.

  1. What Type of Design-Inspired Facilities Do They Have?

You want to go to a design school

7 Facebook Messenger secrets that you need to know about

In this article, we have compiled a few tips for you on how to use the Facebook mobile chat. In fact, this messenger is not as simple as it seems!

Today, Facebook has more than 1.5 billion users, so if you need to contact someone, the easiest way to do it is via a chat… This means that your mobile device (find out your phone price) probably already has the Facebook Messenger app, or soon it will be there. Therefore, it is necessary to learn some secrets of this app.

Text messages
Facebook Messenger can be used not only to communicate with friends who have accounts on the social network. The latest version provides the ability to send and read SMS-messages. So now, the Messenger may well take the place of the main messenger on users’ mobile devices.

Yes, bots are the hottest thing that Facebook has. Since the moment when Facebook announced that the massager would change into a platform for bots, the developers have created a countless number of them. Using bots, you can order plane tickets, find interesting movies, read the latest stories and much, much more.